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 The Golden Bean

We live and breathe all things coffee.

Our focus is on creating high quality coffee for you. It's important to us that we source the highest quality green beans from around the world.

From farm to cup, Vu coffee is fully traceable. The farmer, the land, the altitude, the processing - all these factors are carefully considered in our roasting. Attention to detail to bring out the best features of each bean variety is the cornerstone of our craft.

 Locally Roasted

From Saigon to Australia and then Sligo.

Born into the rich coffee culture of Vietnam, raised in the third wave coffee revolution of Australia, Vu Coffee brings centuries-old traditions as well as modern Aussie innovation to the Irish coffee scene.

With a broad knowledge of bean varieties and processing learned on the plantations of Asia as well as the chemistry behind roast profiles and brewing methods, Vu coffee roasters endlessly pursues excellence.

A life-long passion for experimentation and a background in Mechatronics engineering led to a self-built coffee roasting machine.


Our motto is to roast to your taste. We can help you find the joy of that golden cup of coffee.


Give us a ring, drop us a note, send us a carrier pigeon if you wish.

We are here to help.

Phone: +353 89 442 8484.




Its the best coffee to be found in Ireland, no competition

Annie, Cavan


My favourite coffee of all time

Aimee, Sligo


We absolutely love Vu coffee

Angela, Dublin

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