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Đà Lạt Deluxe

Dark Chocolate, caramel with a buttery body.

World's number #1 Robusta coffee export for Cà Phê Sữa Đá (Vietnamese iced coffee).

Đà Lạt Deluxe


Cud Lie Mnong Fairtrade Agriculture Cooperative (CUDLIEMNONG) is located in the central highlands of Vietnam. In early 2008, the Dakman Company (a coffee processing company) began to work on improving the quality of coffee from the farmers in this area. They organised and provided training using the 4C standards (Common Code for the Coffee Community Association) and GAP (Good Agriculture Practice)

CUDLIEMNONG have used Fairtrade Premium funds for various projects:

  • Community development projects (20% of the premium)
  • Improvements to infrastructure (52% of the premium)
  • Direct support to members to help them increase productivity and quality (28% of the premium)
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